Dj Leonel A.K.A Lencho


Due to the fact that heavy metal is his favorite kind of music, is hard to ignore the sense of irreverence found in the tracklists of his sets.

Relatively new to House and its derivatives, he starts his career as DJ after graduating from university, where he studied Architecture. During his work as an architect he meets DJ Edgar Pinzón, who –together with Dj Pako Rodríguez– supports his constant interest in House and the art of mixing music.

Having had his father and his older cousin as the two greatest influences in their musical taste during childhood, inherited tendencies ranging from heavymetal to new age, including jazz, jazz fusion, progressive rock, blues, andhip-hop. It was almost a matter of time to finish behind the tables with strongbeats and aggressive, as we demonstrated in the opening act of deadmua5(with his friend and colleague, Dj Ale Q) Marcus Schulz, Gareth Emery, DJShah, EDX.

Currently hosts the show “Pulse” in which airs on the second Wednesday of each month.